Strategic Pitches

Step 8:
Get the buy-in from the people who are buying.
We don’t just help you get the go ahead from your senior leadership team and the support of your key stakeholders. We also help you get your target investors and customers to invest in your potential.

A strategy is only successful if you can effectively monetise it.

Generate tangible returns on your strategic ambitions with our help. Our innovative pitch material is tailored to suit your individual needs. And this is largely dependent on where you are in the growth cycle.
Strategic Pitches
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Start-ups & SMEs

If you are early in your growth cycle, you will have very specific needs, and often limited reliable historical data to support your upwards potential. The pitch materials you require will need to be able to paint a vision for the future, and convince your audience to believe in your ability to create that future.

This ‘brochure’ style deck is designed for broad marketing purposes. It will include information on your service offering, capabilities, experience, key personnel and value proposition.

These pitches are designed to attract investors to your business. It will include your competitive differentiators, future business/financial projections, proposed investment structure(s) and forecast investor returns.

These decks combine various elements of your marketing decks and investor pitches. It will highlight your key strategic, financial, operational and cultural synergies between you and your JV partner.

Large Companies

As a mature organisation, your focus will be to demonstrate reinvention, progressive innovations, and forward momentum. The pitch materials you require will need to leverage your credibility in the market, reinforce your competitive edge, and prove an efficient use of resources.

These decks are used to market a new product offering to your customers. It will include details about the specific product, it’s benefits, costs to your customer, as well as the product’s unique selling points vs competitors.

These decks are used to market your service offering to a client (e.g. M&A advisory). It would typically include detailed financial and strategic analysis on a specific deal or transaction, as well as your key credentials and experience.

Featured Case Studies

Business Transformation Strategy

We advised a crypto derivative trading platform on its 5-year business transformation plan that focuses on revenue diversification for future sustainability.

Industry Talent Review

We worked with a global recruitment group to review and evaluate talent dynamics in the financial services industry, in light of ongoing talent leakage.

Corporate Growth Strategy

We advised a RegTech company specialising in trade finance on its corporate growth and expansion strategy.


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