We are committed to building an elite team of consultants at Quinlan & Associates.

While we embrace different cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, what we look for is a number of common attributes in all of our consultants.

Commitment to Excellence

We look to hire high achievers. Whether it be in academia, work or extra-curricular activities, our employees strive for excellence in everything they do.

Intellectual Curiosity

We seek out people with a relentless hunger for knowledge and a passion to continuously learn and share new ideas with those around them.

Problem-Solving Abilities

We look to hire people who enjoy solving complex business problems, given it lies at the heart of what we do as strategy consultants.


We value honesty and openness. We expect our consultants to provide objective and unbiased advice to clients, even if those messages may be hard to deliver.


We value people who think outside the box and can develop unique solutions to complex problems in a way others can easily digest.


We look to hire tomorrow’s leaders. We want our consultants to fundamentally reshape the way our client’s do business and be recognised as thought leaders in their chosen fields.

Entrepreneurial Drive

We want to hire self-starters with the drive, passion and commitment to look at each and every one of our client’s businesses as if it were their own.

Team Player

Our consultants are team players. We adopt a highly collaborative approach to our project work and value people who work well with others.

Interpersonal Skills

Consulting is a people business. We look for employees who can build and nurture long-term client relationships as a trusted advisor.

Quantitative Skills

We look for people who have a sound grasp of numbers and are comfortable analysing, synthesising and interpreting large volumes of data.


We look for people who are well-rounded. We value individuals who can bring a strong combination of both work and real-life experience to the firm.

Sector Expertise

We look for people with a solid understanding of a particular industry or sector. We place particular value on those with financial services experience.