From the initial brief to execution of the strategic proposition, we will understand and target your specific needs. We will deliver tangible action items supported by insights developed just for you. We will ensure the direct involvement of Partners and subject-matter experts to develop a robust strategic proposal. And, we will support you through the execution of this strategic plan.

Our Approach vs Other Firms

Quinlan & Associates

Other Firms

Initial Meeting

Initial client meeting focused on discussing specific strategic issues facing the client

Initial client meeting to discuss related global thought leadership material

Client Objective

Client issues are reviewed in detail based on our experience and insights on the subject matter

Consulting firm proposes their ingoing hypotheses about the client’s issue

Project Proposal

Project proposal tailor-made to address the specific client issue in question

Project proposal is built around ingoing hypotheses and typically based on a prior project


Senior team staffed on project, with direct involvement of Partners and Subject Matter Experts

Junior team staffed on project, with Partners serving as client relationship managers


All macro and industry research is developed specifically for the client

Relevant research from a related project is often recycled for the client

Client Information

Client information is analysed in detail to draw out key value-add insights and implications

Client information is frequently repackaged and delivered back to them as a large part of the project

Fieldwork and Interviews

Fieldwork and interviews are designed to validate insights from data analysis

Fieldwork and interviews are designed to reinforce the ingoing hypotheses

Project Output

Output addresses the specific client problem in question, with tangible action items developed around relevant insights and project conclusions

A considerable amount of ‘blue sky thinking’ and 30,000 feet ideas are produced that lack any tangible action points, which can be more than 50% of project output


Client is provided with upfront execution support and can continue engagement through our end-to-end service offering

Minimal-to-no post-project support around securing internal approvals, project execution, reporting and communication


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