Step 5: Track
Management Reporting


management reporting


An important but often overlooked part of the strategic value chain is performance monitoring and reporting.

Management reporting is typically undertaken by a company’s Finance department or by business managers/administrative staff without the requisite expertise to appropriately analyse, interpret and report on large volumes of data.

At Quinlan & Associates, our customised management reporting tools allow our clients to better track their strategic objectives and performance, as well as identify future opportunities within their industry. We have considerable experience taking bland and hard-to-interpret reports and making them engaging, insightful and valuable.

Our management reports are specifically designed to answer the ‘so what?’ for your business and help senior executives in their daily decision-making. We do this by identifying the most relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your specific business. Our core focus is on making data easy to interpret, while highlighting key trends and identifying future opportunities.

Quinlan & Associates Management Reporting