Strategy Communication

Step 6:
Don’t just tell people about it. Make sure they care about it.
A critical part of a successful strategy is the ability to effectively communicate it. Not just what it is, but why it matters. And how it will impact positive change and new opportunities.

Many organisations recognise the importance of communicating their strategy. But most struggle to get this part of the equation right. More often than not, the people you need to support the strategy the most are left with little-to-no understanding of what the strategy really is.

  • Frontline employees have no idea how to translate it into something your customers care about.
  • Back-office staff have do not care about the latest million dollar project because they don’t see how it adds value to their lives.
  • Investors and shareholders question every dollar spent because they have no idea why this is the best use of their money.

This is why we offer support to prepare these presentations when you engage us to deliver your strategic initiative. To improve employee engagement and retention, increase shareholder confidence, and drive customer loyalty.
Strategy Communication
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Types of Presentations

Whether you need to engage the internal team or promote to external stakeholders, we have the know-how to create world-class communication material.

We can assist you with preparing:

  • Annual Reports
  • Town Hall Presentations
  • Internal Management Briefing Packs
  • Company Newsletters
  • Investor Relations Presentations
  • Regulatory Presentations

With our assistance, you will have a powerful means by which to get the buy-in you need.

Featured Case Studies

China Market Entry

We advised a Hong Kong international school group on its China market entry strategy via a joint venture partnership with the oldest school in the U.K.

Corporate Governance Establishment

We developed a robust corporate governance structure and operating handbooks for a premium healthcare service provider exploring blockchain technology.

Research Report

We helped a Big Tech Giant survey and interview the FinTech community in Hong Kong to identify key challenges and solutions, and publish the same in a co-branded report.


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