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End-to-End Strategy & Management Consulting.
Translating cutting-edge advice into commercially executable solutions.

We understand. You don’t want a stopgap solution or advice designed for an ‘ideal world’. You want more than a consultant. You want a long-term business partner. Because you need real-world solutions that deliver tangible results.

As an independent consultancy firm, Q&A has the drive and autonomy to perform as the extension of your business that you need. As and when you need it.

Whether you are an MNC, an SME or a start-up, we are here to help you navigate each and every step of the strategic value chain. From creative ideation of unexplored opportunities, to expert execution of a strategic plan.

Our service offering is neither narrow, nor shallow.

By offering a broad range of services, we are able to provide you with an unmatched level of clarity, consistency and value in your strategic decision-making process.

We don’t just give good advice. We deliver it.

Our Services
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BRAINSTORM Strategy Workshops 1

Strategy Workshops

Facilitate unbiased discussion and creative ideation amongst your senior executives and next-gen company leaders to solve your greatest challenges.

Featured Case Study:

Strategy Development

We conducted an in-depth strategic review of Hong Kong’s beauty and personal care industry to help a global cosmetics giant redesign its corporate strategy in the city.
DEVELOP Strategy Consulting 2

Strategy Consulting

Access the minds of globally recognised thought-leaders, and a comprehensive knowledge base across a broad range of industries and topics.

Featured Case Study:

Asia Wealthtech Strategy

We designed an end-to-end market entry strategy for a leading global asset manager’s B2B WealthTech solution in Asia.
ENDORSE Business Case Development 3

Business Case Development

Create impactful strategy proposals to lock-in management approval of your cutting-edge business plan.

Featured Case Study:

Strategic Due Diligence

We helped a global private equity firm make an informed investment decision by conducting an in-depth strategic due diligence on the Chinese virtual banking space.
IMPLEMENT Strategy Execution 4

Strategy Execution

Bring your strategic intent to life under the expert guidance of a world-class project management team.

Featured Case Study:

Business Model Transformation

We guided a leading ASEAN Buy-Now-Pay-Later FinTech player in transitioning their business from a D2C model to a B2B model.
TRACK Management Reporting 5

Management Reporting

Keep an eye on the performance of your strategic initiatives with meaningful data and actionable insights.

Featured Case Study:

Business Transformation Strategy

We advised a crypto derivative trading platform on its 5-year business transformation plan that focuses on revenue diversification for future sustainability.
PROMOTE Strategy Communication 6

Strategy Communication

Get stakeholder buy-in to your strategic decisions with a presentation designed to connect with their individual needs.

Featured Case Study:

Corporate Governance Establishment

We developed a robust corporate governance structure and operating handbooks for a premium healthcare service provider exploring blockchain technology.
MOBILISE Corporate Training 7

Corporate Training

Upskill your team and outperform your competition with custom-designed training programs delivered by knowledgeable and engaging keynote speakers.

Featured Case Study:

Employee Upskilling

We provided targeted corporate training for a global commercial bank’s employees, focusing on public speaking, negotiations, and leadership skills.
MONETISE Strategic Pitches 8

Strategic Pitches

Secure financial interest in your strategic vision by leveraging our know-how and know-who.

Featured Case Study:

Corporate Growth Strategy

We advised a RegTech company specialising in trade finance on its corporate growth and expansion strategy.


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