Strategy Consulting

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From knowing where you want to be, to knowing how to get there. We know how to work it out.
It’s one thing to know your strategic objectives. It’s another to set the best path to achieve them.

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Whether it’s a holistic corporate strategy or an M&A deal, a new market-entry or an organisational restructure. We can provide you with specialised advice that is reflective of your company’s specific needs, wants and resource limitations.
Strategy Consulting
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Strategy Development

Whether it’s at the group, business-unit or country level, we can articulate and define your company’s strategy and support your objectives with robust financial planning and analysis.
  • Group-wide corporate strategy
  • Business unit strategy
  • Country-level strategy
  • Financial planning & analysis

Organisational Strategy

From SMEs to blue chip companies, we can help you set up your business for success. We have the expertise to help you redesign your organisational structure, review your regulatory positioning, re-engineer your corporate governance or revitalise your talent management strategies.
  • Organisational design
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Talent retention & development

Mergers & Acquisitions

There is a lot to consider when acquiring or merging with another business. Large or small scale, we can advise on who to target, accurate market valuations, financial and strategic due diligence, as well as the post-merger integration plans.
  • M&A strategy
  • Target valuation & screening
  • Strategic due diligence
  • Integration planning

Revenue Growth

New opportunities to drive revenue growth are unique to your company’s core capabilities, resource constraints, and market conditions. We help you identify key revenue gaps and optimum revenue pools, including inorganic growth planning, as well as new market entry strategy.
  • Organic growth planning
  • Inorganic growth strategy
  • New market entry

Cost Reduction

To help you improve your bottom line, we analyse and streamline your cost base. This can include cost minimisation strategies, structural cost reduction strategies, and optimising your procurement and supply chain processes.
  • Tactical cost minimisation
  • Structural cost reduction
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain management

Industry Analytics

We are committed to helping you better understand the environment in which you operate, through smart data analytics. This can include market and industry analysis, competitor benchmarking, revenue pool sizing or client wallet analysis.
  • Industry analysis & insights
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Market & revenue pool sizing
  • Client wallet analysis

Sales & Distribution

Our sales & distribution advice is designed to help you better understand your latest customer insight, optimise your client coverage models, and develop appropriate customer segmentation and client management strategies.
  • Customer insights
  • Client segmentation strategy
  • Client coverage models
  • Client management strategy

IT & Operations

To improve the cost and operational efficiency of your back-of-house, we advise on a number of pivotal back-end and technology workflows and systems. This includes process re-engineering, target operating model setup, operational platform streamlining, as well as IT and CRM strategy.
  • Process re-engineering
  • Target operating model
  • Operational platform streamlining
  • IT and CRM strategy

Product Strategy

From product development and design, to go-to-market plans across product segmentation, pricing and identifying appropriate marketing channels, we are able to support you conceptualise and launch fit-for-market products that sell.
  • Product development & design
  • Product segmentation
  • Pricing
  • Marketing

Featured Case Studies

Industry Review

We provided a Nordic embassy located in Singapore with in-depth market insights, to support policy / initiative development.

Security Token Offering Strategy

We developed a security token offering (“STO”) strategy for a publicly listed digital assets exchange.

Virtual Bank Evaluation

We guided a leading ASEAN Buy-Now-Pay-Later FinTech player through exploring the option of establishing a virtual bank in Philippines.


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