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Industry Review

We provided a Nordic embassy located in Singapore with in-depth market insights, to support policy / initiative development.

Client Description

Embassy in Singapore

Our client is the embassy of a Nordic country, located in Singapore. In addition to common diplomatic tasks, the embassy wished to understand more about the FinTech landscape and industry dynamics in Singapore in order to drive cross-border collaboration initiatives.

Problem Statement

The client wished to gain an in-depth understanding of the FinTech ecosystem and developments in Singapore.

Project Approach

Industry Research

We reviewed the Singapore FinTech landscape across key technology areas and ecosystem developments.

Market Evaluation

We evaluated the Singapore market against regional and international peers through in-depth benchmarking.

Policy Review

We analysed initiatives implemented by the Singaporean government, with a focus on cross-border incentives.

Key Achievements

Industry Report

Production of an industry report, detailing industry trends and highlighting areas of interest to the client.

Market Benchmark

In-depth evaluation of markets based on client-specific concerns, to support prioritisation efforts.

Initiative Recommendations

Recommendations on cross-border initiatives, based on market dynamics and client’s mandate.

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