Step 8: Monetise
Strategic Pitches


strategic pitches


We understand the key to having a good strategy is the ability to effectively monetise it.

At Quinlan & Associates, our innovative pitch material helps our clients to generate tangible returns on their strategic ambitions. We produce a number of different pitches for our clients, largely depending on where their company is in its growth cycle.



Company Marketing Decks:
This ‘brochure’ style deck is designed for broad company marketing purposes and will include information on the company’s service offering, capabilities, experience, key personnel and value proposition.

Investor Pitch Decks: These pitches are designed to attract investors to your company and will include your competitive differentiators, future business/financial projections, proposed investment structure/s and forecast investor returns.

Joint Venture Pitch Decks: These decks combine various elements of company marketing decks and investor pitches while focusing on highlighting the key strategic, financial, operational and cultural synergies between you and your JV partner.



New Product Launches:
Companies use these decks to market a new product offering to their clients. This type of deck will include detail around the specific product, its benefits, costs to the client, as well as the product’s unique selling points vs. competitors.

Transaction Pitchbooks: These decks are used to market a company’s service offering to a client (e.g. M&A advisory) and will typically include detailed financial and strategic analysis on a specific deal or transaction, as well as the company’s key credentials and experience.