Business Case Development

Step 3:
We address all the red flags, so you can get the green light.
Just because we have agreed on the best way forward doesn’t mean our job is done. We need to execute it. But before that, you need the go-ahead.

To effect strategic change, you need the buy-in of senior leadership. You need to prove this strategy will meet the minimum internal hurdle rates (e.g. ROI targets). To do this, more often than not, a formal business case for senior management or your Board of Directors is required.

A business case that is robust. Persuasive and compelling. To maximise your chances of securing the resources required to execute your strategic ambitions.
Business Case Development
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The Situation

You need more resources | You want to effect a major strategic or operational change for your division, country or function. To do this, you need additional resources such as:
  • Additional headcount
  • Investment budget for new business initiative (e.g. IT)
  • New product launch budget
  • Licenses/regulatory approvals for new market entry
  • Funding for a major acquisition
  • Contract negotiation for a joint venture or alliance

The Obstacle

You need approval | Many of these ambitions will require sign-off or approval by your management (e.g. the Board of Directors, or the Executive/Operating Committees). To do this, they may require additional documentation to make informed decisions, such as:

Additional investment spend will typically need to meet minimum internal return targets.

  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Net present value (NPV)
  • Payback period

Additional assessments may be required to understand the potential risks and issues that could arise.

  • Risk profile
  • Operational complexity

To encourage an interactive environment, we act as impartial moderators during your workshop. Ensuring each and every participant is engaged, and discussions remain respectful, valuable and focused.

Our job is not yet complete when the workshop concludes. We consolidate all the insights drawn from the workshop to outline priority next steps, and develop a robust action plan for your business. This includes identifying relevant deliverables, accountable parties and delivery timeframes.

Our Solution

We need to develop a business case | To maximise your chance of securing additional resources and executing your strategic ambitions, we will develop a detailed and robust business case for your senior leadership team.

We use our own proprietary business case frameworks. However, if you have a format that your senior leadership expect to see and can better understand, we are able to translate our output to your standardised template.

  • Market/industry assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis using company, external and proprietary data
  • Thorough financial strategic and operational assessment of the opportunity and its alternatives

Featured Case Studies

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We developed a security token offering (“STO”) strategy for a publicly listed digital assets exchange.

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We helped a B2B InsurTech company conduct strategic due diligence of an acquisition target to identify strategic, operational, and financial synergies and potential obstacles.

Business Model Design

We guided a leading African cross-border payments provider in defining their overall business model and value proposition across its three separate service offerings.


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