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Business Case Development


business case development


Unlike many of our competitors, we do not walk away from your business once we have developed your strategy.

As consultants with extensive industry experience, we understand that effecting strategic change requires the approval of the company’s senior management or Board of Directors, given¬†projects will need to meet minimum internal hurdle rates (e.g. ROI targets). More often than not, a formal business case will be required.

Quinlan & Associates has extensive experience developing robust business cases, designed to maximise your chances of securing the resources required to execute your strategic ambitions. These typically include an assessment of the product, market and industry in question, detailed competitor analysis, comprehensive cost-benefit-analysis (using company, external and proprietary data) and a thorough financial, strategic and operational assessment of the opportunity and its alternatives.

While we usually use our own proprietary business case frameworks, we are also happy to translate our output into a format that your company’s¬†senior management would expect to see and understand (i.e. via a standardised company template).

Quinlan & Associates Business Case Development