Why did you choose to work at Q&A?

“I chose to start my career at Q&A as I believe that it would be a good opportunity for me to step up and challenge myself in a small-sized company, given the steep learning curve that has been highlighted during my interviews.

During my time here, I have learned so much about various industries and gained valuable soft skills all the way from communication skills when presenting to C-suite executives of our clients (yes, we get the opportunity to present as a consultant) up to becoming more detail-oriented by constantly looking out even for the smallest layout / formatting errors.

What the Q&A team promised me during the interview prevailed in my day-to-day work.”

Why do you like working at Q&A?

“Coming in as a university graduate, Q&A has allowed me to learn and grow at an incredible speed.

I appreciate the tremendous exposure that I can not only cover a wide variety of industries but also work end to end on strategy projects.

My work here as a strategy consultant is fast-paced, goal-driven, and fulfilling. It makes me feel that I’m certainly a part of our deliverables which always exceed our clients’ expectations and make a great impact in the industry.”


Due to our unique culture and agile business model, we are able to offer our consultants benefits that are not possible in other consulting firms.

Our project work involves solving our clients’ most pressing strategic issues, covering a wide spectrum of high-profile topics.

We work with a broad range of innovative clients across a wide variety of countries and industries at every stage of their growth cycle.

We believe in promoting and rewarding employees based solely on their skills, abilities, and performance, not their seniority.

We believe in providing all of our consultants with a mentor from day 1. We are committed to training you to reach your full potential.

We work in a fun and engaging environment. We want each and every one of our consultants to enjoy going to work every day.

We are committed to attracting the best talent in the market by paying our staff competitively, with attractive bonus potential for top performers.

We don’t believe in ‘face time’ and place considerable value on work-life balance. We want our consultants to have a long-term, sustainable career with us.

We adopt an extremely flexible approach to our project work. Consultants have significant freedom to manage their schedules, including where and when they work.

We are committed to diversity and respect everyone for their individual differences. We operate in an open and accepting workplace.

We believe in giving back to the community. Wherever possible, we look to provide pro-bono consulting services to charitable organisations.


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