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Employee Upskilling

We provided targeted corporate training for a global commercial bank’s employees, focusing on public speaking, negotiations, and leadership skills.

Client Description

Global Commercial Bank

Our client is the international branch of one of the largest global commercial banks in the world by asset size. Besides major markets (Hong Kong and Canada), the client operates in over 25 countries. The client is a note-issuing bank of both Hong Kong and Macau.

Problem Statement

As the client’s employee base continues to grow, the client wished to improve the team’s skillset across multiple areas.

Project Approach

Needs Identification

We identified core skill gaps of the client’s team, via mgmt. interviews and objective benchmarking.

Workshop Development

We designed multiple workshops on core development areas, considering the client’s business environment.

Corporate Training

We conducted full-day workshops with the Client’s team, with an emphasis on interactive exercises and application.

Key Achievements

Public Speaking

Enhancement of the team’s public speaking skills, especially among more conservative members.


Development of negotiation skills, both internally and externally, including multi-party negotiations.


Introduction of core leadership skills to mid-level employees to prepare for future development.

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