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Business Development and Operations Associate

“Q&A was founded to challenge the major strategy houses the market has become accustomed to. In order to achieve this, do not expect the same narrow remit, rigid processes, or exhausted concepts that you may associate with other firms.

We strive to offer unbiased, unique, and brave (yet practical) solutions that will put our clients ahead of their competitors. Future-proofing their business and ours.

This role is suited to ambitious early-career generalists who are eager to learn a diverse set of skills across multiple functions. Someone who enjoys keeping everyone, and themselves, organised. Someone who can talk to anyone; vendors, colleagues, or CEOs. And someone who wants to get hands-on and take on varied tasks with the objective of adding value to the firm as a whole.

You’ll be the glue that holds the team together and makes sure things happen.”

Benjamin Quinlan, Quinlan & Associates CEO

Who is Q&A?

Quinlan & Associates is one of the most cited financial services consulting firms in the world. We have become synonymous with doing things differently. This reputation has led us to expand our expertise into new industries. Our results have led our clients to return time and again; from global leaders such as Google, Goldman Sachs and L’Oreal, to market disrupters such as OSL, Sequoia and Livi Bank.

Be prepared. We are not your typical strategy consulting firm. We challenge the traditional consulting model that delivers conservative, universally-acceptable solutions built on hypothesis.

Our mission is to attract, develop and retain Q&A consultants that take a bold position and make brave calls. Consultants who can translate this cutting-edge advice into commercially executable solutions. Consultants who enable us to be the first firm to offer end-to-end strategy consulting services, and the first to market with unparalleled insights.

Just as our advice puts our clients ahead of their competition, the way we think keeps us an essential step ahead of ours.

Role Mission

We are proud to have developed some of the world’s best Strategy Consultants. Consultants who help our clients break free of conservative and familiar strategic solutions that our competitors offer. Consultants who offer a fresh, intuitive, and data-backed perspective. But, they cannot do this alone. Behind our Consultants is our back office team, providing the support, tools, and resources they need to deliver their peak performance. Whether that’s engaging with new clients, building the Q&A brand, or coordinating the team and our activities. This role will be at the centre of making sure things happen and new opportunities emerge.

Role Scope

As a nimble consulting firm, this role will be dynamic. It will entail anything and everything that may arise to support the business objectives. You’ll have clear responsibilities – initiatives you will need to proactively drive – and, there will be ad hoc tasks that just need to get done. You’ll work directly with the CEO, COO, and Partners, gaining unmatched exposure to how a business runs day-to-day, and the on-the-fly decisions that need to be made.

Career Potential:

At Q&A, we take your career development seriously. As we appreciate your loyalty to us, we similarly are committed to ensuring you can continue to build your career with our support. Whether that’s transitioning into a new role at Q&A as you grow, or developing the skills you need to move into a larger operational role in another organisation.

To support your growth in Q&A, we offer comprehensive on-the-job training, mentorship by senior finance and strategy professionals, and unmatched exposure to clients, business partners, and senior leaders across a diverse range of industries and markets. And, to meet your personal needs, we foster a unique, inclusive company culture; one we are proud to be a part of. A culture created by every member of our team, built around a collaborative, innovative, and fun working environment.

Competencies for Success:

Outbound Business Development

A proactive and fearless approach to liaising with senior leaders, and the professional etiquette required to communicate effectively, will ensure you can support the CEO and Partners to identify, connect with, and secure new client opportunities.

Inbound Business Development

The finesse to communicate articulately in both written and spoken form, combined with the ability to think laterally and identify new channels or events to gain exposure to target audiences, will allow you to help us build the Q&A brand and ensure our name is recognised by new potential clients.


An eye for detail, a knack for seamlessly keeping everyone and everything organised, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once will enable you to help us get things done and keep the business moving forward.

Before You Apply:

We are a team of the world’s best strategic consultants. No matter the level of experience, each and every Q&A team member is a high-performing, high-potential talent. As a BD & Operations Associate, this includes:

  • A University degree with strong grades from a reputable university
  • Up to 2 years business development and/or operations experience (although fresh graduates with the required competencies will also be considered)
  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral) in English
  • Tech-savvy, proficient in Microsoft Office, and familiarity with social media platforms is a must
  • Positive and proactive attitude, with a strong ownership mindset
  • Outgoing and sociable personality, with strong interpersonal skills
  • Creativity and lateral thinking abilities
  • A good sense of humour
  • The ability to work in Hong Kong 

Note: proficiency in Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) is preferred but not required.

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