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case Study

Business Model Design

We guided a leading African cross-border payments provider in defining their overall business model and value proposition across its three separate service offerings.

Client Description

Leading Cross-Border Payments Solution in Africa

Established in 2013, our client offers cross-border payments solution across key African markets, with a strong focus on last-mile delivery. The client has developed separate solutions for one-off transactions, low-value bulk payouts, and crypto.-based payments, targeting different client segments.

Problem Statement

The client wished to define the business and articulate its proposition, in order to support an inorganic expansion strategy.

Project Approach

Biz. Model Review

We identified key player groups in the industry, and reviewed their business models across relevant dimensions.

Client Model Alignment

We compared the client’s model against identified player groups’ to determine alignment and define their business.

Competitive Benchmarking

We conducted a benchmark against key players within relevant player groups to understand the client’s position.

Key Achievements

Model Differentiation

Evaluation of key differences and defining features of various business models in the industry

Business Definition

Definition of the client’s overall business and value proposition, based on proposition alignment

Industry Positioning

In-depth evaluation of the client’s proposition, to identify competitive advantages against key players

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