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Corporate Governance Establishment

We developed a robust corporate governance structure and operating handbooks for a premium healthcare service provider exploring blockchain technology.

Client Description

Blockchain-Based Healthcare Company

Our client is a healthcare service provider exploring blockchain technology, both as a channel to facilitate transactions and as a basis for a loyalty programme. The client offers premium, alternative medical services, which can be paid for by native tokens or have discounted price based on token ownership.

Problem Statement

The client wished to establish robust corporate governance and operational guidelines, prior to market launch.

Project Approach

Governance Review

We evaluated the efficacy and robustness of corporate governance policies, protocols, and processes.

Industry Benchmark

We researched and identified corporate governance controls of key peers and industry best practices.

Guideline Design

We developed suitable processes and mechanisms, taking into the client’s operations, to enhance governance.

Key Achievements

Governance Best Practice

Identification and synthesis of best corporate governance practices, based on client’s operations.

Operational Guidelines

Design of end-to-end operational guidelines across the client’s service value chain.

Employee Handbook

Production of employee handbook, including the client’ code of conduct manual for employees.

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