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Research Report

We helped a Big Tech Giant survey and interview the FinTech community in Hong Kong to identify key challenges and solutions, and publish the same in a co-branded report.

Client Description

Big Tech Giant

Founded in 1998, our client is an American Big Tech giant that provides internet-related services and products, including a search engine, cloud computing, online advertising technologies, and various other forms of software and hardware.

Problem Statement

The client looked to publish a co-branded thought leadership report on the Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem to drive its visibility and shape local policy development.

Project Approach

Industry-Wide Survey

We surveyed C-suite executives / founders of over a 100 leading FinTechs in Hong Kong.

In-Depth Interviews

We conducted in-depth interviews with key FinTech founders and local policymakers / regulators.

Collateral Development

We crafted a co-branded report for release to market with a supporting launch event and PR launch campaign.

Key Achievements

Gauging of Internal Business Factors

Identified priorities and challenges in product innovation, sales & marketing, and mgmt. & ops.

Tapping of External Trends

Examined external influences, including talent, funding, and policies.

Industry Education

Widespread industry education and awareness via financial press coverage and industry events.

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